Are You a Little Overwhelmed with Your Young Active Kids?

What If You Knew Exactly Why Your Child Was Misbehaving?

Do you think it would be easier to find a way to guide them to change?



Hi… I’m Dr. Fred Ray Lybrand. My wife (Jody) and I have been working hard at helping parents and and our own 5 children succeed for almost 30 years. You may have heard of us from The Writing Course, our revolutionary approach to helping kids happily write well anytime they need to for school or pleasure. Or, you may have seen our book The Absolute Quickest Way to Help Your Child Change. Regardless, we’ve been helping families get happier, calmer, and more successful for a long time.

On Thursday we drew back the curtain to show you how to regain HOPE and CONFIDENCE in your parenting skills. You know, most parents start out hopeful and expectant; but sometimes between busy lives, too much advice, too many books, and ‘helpful’ in-laws ;-)…we just lose our way. Reality is an acquired taste, isn’t it?

After 32 years of marriage and homeschooling 5 kids from cradle to college, and being in the pastorate for 25 years— we realize that there is really only one effective way to think about parenting.

Warning 1: If you are happy with how family and marriage and schooling and behavior are going, then we aren’t for you at all.
Warning 2: If you are opposed to looking at answers from the Bible, then we also won’t be a good fit for you either.

HOWEVER— If you think you can use a little more skill in parenting effectively, then we’ve got some fun answers for you.

You can finally:

  • Quit bouncing around from trying one thing then another
  • Quit feeling overwhelmed
  • Quit pretending that TV is right — Kids MUST misbehave
  • Quit being exhausted

There are 4 MAGIC QUESTIONS that we’ve used for over 24 years to

  • Effectively show us why or child was misbehaving
  • Effectively show us how to change the game (often in a very small way)
  • Effectively see our kids happily change and grow into wise and disciplined young men and a woman

In this online training we are going to show you the 4 MAGIC QUESTIONS and EXACTLY HOW to use them.

If you still believe that parents can make the difference in a child’s life, then come join us. We are going to show you EXACTLY HOW to use the 4 MAGIC QUESTIONS to help your child change for good!

It’s FREE – Nothing to lose. Lots to gain.


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