Who Else Wants to Touch the World with a Healthy Family?


If your kids are already grown don’t read this…

it will break your heart.


Dr. Fred R. Lybrand


Dear Visionary Parents,

How would you like to be a part of a real conversation with likeminded parents about how to create a healthy family?  Well, that is exactly our goal.

Amy’s bedtime routine was ’embarrassing’ according to her own words. With kids from age 11 down to age 2, each night was different…sometime the kids were up later…sometimes earlier. Then someone was hungry, then another was fighting, then asthma treatments, then the giggles…but, in ONE WEEK everything changed after Amy and I set up a plan for her evenings.

I know you get the story because you are experiencing it now, though you may not have discovered what Amy has.

Let me blow your categories (as my mentors blew mine 24 years ago):

* We had 5 kids
* They all went to bed when they were supposed to
* They all got up together and started school at the same time
* We (mom and dad) spent no more than 30 minutes a day helping them do school
* They do what we asked them to do when we ask them to do it
* They have all been leaders in whatever they do, from youth group to scouting to employment
* They are all off to college (or will be before long) and doing very well

And here’s the weird part:

* They are happy and have plenty of friends
* They periodically thank us for not raising them to be (what they call) the ‘odd’ kind of homeschoolers
* They also periodically thank us for educating them at home…usually because they know how to get to their schoolwork done while most of their friends are roaming around looking for motivation

After an hour talk with Amy, things changed. And, it isn’t just Amy, it’s the 100s amd 100s of families we’ve helped through the years.

There are three things that really helped us the most:

– Having good mentors
– Having a Bible
– Having a non-psychobabble understanding of growing children who are self starters.


We’ve done this for a long time, and despite the fact that I never figured out how to make everyone happy (I was a pastor for 24 years)…I bet you can’t find or bribe anyone who would say our kids aren’t really cool individuals. I didn’t say perfect 🙂 but I will say they are amazing. Frankly, God has been unusually kind to us in this area of family.

We are not obsessively close or overly rigid. We just realized that we were trying to raise happy adults rather than happy children.

Here’s a link to my conversation with Amy and how it turned out! CLICK FOR AMY’S COOL INTERVIEW

If you’d like to belong to a community of like-minded parents who want to raise leaders for the next generation, then come join with us.


Here’s what you’ll get:

1. A monthly call-in coaching show with Jody and Fred …teaching a strategic insight and talking through all your challenges as long as you want
2. Membership in a Private Forum where parents who mean business are asking and answering strategic questions around our understanding of a Parent-led-Home
3. A Course on how to systematize your home…area by area so fear is replaced by confidence and your kids learn how to succeed with systems for themselves
4. A variety of other courses and lessons on learning (including an eBook of The Absolute Quickest Way to Help Your Child Change), writing, focusing, memorizing, etc.
5. An entire course in our approach to helping children learn to behave well and become disciplined.
6. Private monthly coaching sessions as desired on a first-come-first-serve basis

The Choice:

* Keep searching the internet and reading books and asking around and using your children as an experiment


* Go ahead and get in the program and let us show you how to avoid mistakes and raise solid kids.

So, if you join right now, you will get immediate access to our 5 part course on transforming your home and life by building systems that work.

Mom and Dad time
Family traditions
Bible Studies

Area by area we are going to show you, and help you, go from chaos to calm.

We have done a good bit of soul-searching and have decided to simple make the Home and School Success Club a donations-based ministry. We will do coaching, but will have to be a first-come-first-serve approach with a limited number each month. Nonetheless, we are focused on helping your make sense of your family dynamics for impact. Would you please pray about make a donation to keep this effort alive and growing? We aren’t yet 501c3 deductible…so, just remember to deduct the tax difference (if you care to) when you pitch in to help us.


3 Options to Join


Join for Free


You may join for free…and we are glad to have you!
From time-to-time, we do hope you will pitch in a little as you feel served
and would like to keep it available for others!


One Time Donation

(any amount of your choosing)



PayPal or Credit Cards Accepted

PayPal or Credit Cards Accepted.



Monthly Donation

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The Value of Dr. Lybrand’s Coaching
I have talked to Fred twice, on two very different subjects. After both calls I came away amazed at how productive and practical they were. Truly, he is very very good at what he does. I would recommend him to anyone looking for concise, practical and actionable advice, insight and guidance.
-Mike Kolesar, Austin, Texas
We are here to build a community of great families!
Dr.& Mrs. Fred R. Lybrand
25624 Lewis Ranch Road * New Braunfels, TX * 78132.

Here’s One thing You’ll Get for Joining:

Regaining Your Energy and Your Mind by Learning How to Systematize
How to Put Your Home On Autopilot #1:
The Overview: How to Systemetize Anything
How to Put Your Home On Autopilot #2:
Emergency Kit: The Easy Way to Get Hard Things Done
How to Put Your Home On Autopilot #3:
The System is the Solution: How To Set Up a System
How to Put Your Home On Autopilot #4 (part 1):
The System is the Solution: Live Example: (Amy and Bedtime Routines)
How to Put Your Home On Autopilot #4 (part 2):
The System is the Solution: Live Example: (Amy and Bedtime Routines Follow-Up)

#7 Find a Coach / Mentor

Find a Coach / Mentor
In many ways it is the ultimate hypocrisy to ‘tutor’ our own children without having a ‘tutor’ for ourselves. There is something powerful when we discuss, interact with, and learn from someone who is ahead of us in any field. Sports training knows the value of coaches because the competition and economics involved are so great. Without a coach you can’t compete. If you find a voice or two you trust, a person or two whose results you want to see in your life— find them, pay them, beg them to coach you. Nothing will save you more time and heartache than to learn from someone with wisdom. This is the “why” of our Home and School Success Club.
Fred Lybrand
P.S.  If you’d like to see the full explanation, see my post article Guarantee Homeschool Success
the full article @ The 7 Ways to Guarantee Homeschool Success

#6 Make Discipline a Nice Word

Make Discipline a Nice Word
One of my favorite mentors, Robert Fritz, offers a helpful definition of discipline: “Discipline is when you itch, but don’t scratch.” The truth is that some amount of discipline is necessary for learning. Very few children naturally gravitate to wanting to learn in all the areas important to education. It turns out then, that we must help them do what they don’t “feel” like doing, so they can ultimately benefit. External discipline tends to lead to life-long internal discipline. We all need help doing what needs to be done. Homeschool (or any school) simply won’t work without making discipline a nice word which is practiced often.
Fred Lybrand
P.S.  If you’d like to see the full explanation, see my post article Guarantee Homeschool Success
the full article @ The 7 Ways to Guarantee Homeschool Success

#5 Learn to Use Systems for Success

Learn to Use Systems for Success
One of the great insights in life is how things operate by cause-and-effect. Good cooks can reproduce the same quality meal over-and-over because they follow some type of system (recipe). The practical results you see in life are largely the result of the systems we use. Homeschooling itself is a ‘different system’ of education which is aimed at a bit different result (included the character, sense of family, etc., it often affords). If you don’t have an overall sequence of steps you are moving toward following, then you can rest assured your results will be as shoddy as your system.  This is the heart of our Home and School Success Club.
What are your thoughts?  What could you share?
Fred Lybrand
P.S.  If you’d like to see the full explanation, see my post article Guarantee Homeschool Success
the full article @ The 7 Ways to Guarantee Homeschool Success