How We Homeschool Videos (Lybrand)

How We Homeschooled Start to Finish (Videos Below)

Jody and I decided to homeschool our 5 children when we were faced with our
firstborn having cerebral palsy.  We didn’t want him to get labeled too soon, so we
started at home.  Jody has a Masters in Education and wanted a real scope-and-sequence.
I was Liberal Arts…so I wanted to give the children freedom (we didn’t have ‘unschooling’ notions back then 🙂  The Robinson Curriculum turn out to be a fine fit for our perspective and goals.

We both wanted the kids to LEARN HOW TO LEARN, so that’s what we engineered.  Two hours of reading, two hours of math, and one hour of writing.  All we were missing was a writing strategy, so we invented one [The Writing Course]

The videos tell our story / thoughts on how we educated 5 children from birth to
college. Here’s how to get access to the videos (plus our Homeschooling Q&A Webinar):


Click for Access Button.

How We Homeschool Videos (Fred Ray & Jody)
(1 hour in 6 parts)
Homeschooling Q&A Webinar (Fred Ray & Jody)
(2 hour audio presentation you can download)