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I Have New Children Now

Hi Fred,

I am so excited to tell you that in one moment yesterday, I realize how much the twins changed and it amazed me.

I implemented your techniques and created a habit of them, as best as I could. I was reminded of how they use to be on a daily basis when I decide to try to wean them off their nap one day. It was a rought afternoon of whining, crying, and crankiness.

The part that amazed me is that this use to be a common afternoon and I forgot how challenging they were!! Over the past two months they became new little boys. I love the beauty of hindsight and am thankful that I had this episode to remind me of it.

Now on to the next project- how to get them to play nice with each other for more than five minutes.


The Parenting Course I Want My Friends to Own

This is the parenting course I would want my friends to own.

I would particularly give it to those friends who are worried that they cannot be a success. I know I struggle with it also from time to time. I get surprised when I feel frustration. My children come up with new ways to break principles I want them to possess!

I really feel great after listening to the audio version of Lybrand’s book. Perhaps I knew inwardly some of these ideas, and then after hearing them and meditating on them over these months I feel more free than ever to be a success as a parent!

-Michele Painter

“The difference between a problem and a solution is that we

understand the solution.” -Albert Einstein

The Only Parenting Book You Really Need
I have a degree in Child Development, 3 children, have worked as a teacher, school director, teacher trainer and parent educator. I have purchased and read MANY parenting books. I have taught a variety of ways to handle behavior in young children. I have used a variety of techniques on my own children. All this to say that the only book parents really need is The Absolute Quickest Way to Help Your Child Change. There is no rocket science here — just simple principles that work. As with most problems in life, when your perspective is adjusted and realigned with truth (God’s truth), things begin to work themselves out. Dr. Lybrand has done a real service to families with the writing of this book.

-from and unsolicited reviewer of the book (May 11, 2010)

A Specific Answer to My Prayers

As a homeschooling mom of 6 children 11 and under, with one more joining us late this summer, let’s just say that there are quite a few behaviors we see around here that need to change! I have often found myself despairing with the thought of not knowing how to train and help each of these unique children. I know that God has created them each for a specific purpose (if not only for my sanctification), but I am often anxious and carrying a heavy burden on my shoulders. This has been weighing heavy on me these past few months with the thought of adding another baby to the mix. I have spent much time crying out to the Lord for wisdom and help, as well as, many conversations with my husband about things that need to change so that we can focus more on our relationships with each child.

My husband and I are very aware that it is only God’s grace that can change our children’s hearts and we are praying to that end. We are also very aware of our desperate need for HIS help to train them up in the way that they EACH should go.

A few weeks ago I was introduced to Fred Lybrand through an email about his writing course. After purchasing and beginning to use it I got an email from him about his Parenting Course. Since then, I now own the Parenting Course and have just finished listening to it. I can honestly say that it is a specific answer to my prayers! God is so kind! He has given me a clear way to move forward that is so Christian and practical. His Four Magic Questions to apply to every situation, as well as the EI=>SI and SI=>IE is so true and it is enabling me to see my parenting with new understanding.

I have already begun to apply these principles with my children a little bit, but at this point the Lord is helping me to think differently about these behaviors that I’m seeing that need to change. I’m more aware now that many of the negative behaviors are a direct result of our parenting. I’m working at applying the Four Magic Questions and look forward to introducing the principles more and more in the months and years to come.

My husband and I are going to be listening to the Parenting Course together over the next week while we are driving on vacation and I am hopeful that this is truly going to revolutionize our parenting. More testimony to come as we begin to apply the teachings!

Thank you, Fred!

Mindy M.



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